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The charity`s office is in the village of Chinnamalpuram. There for sixteen years, we supported a children`s home and orphanage. Our project is now an outreach programme in the wider area to provide educational support for children from ages 6 to 16, and after their schooling we support those who go on to further education and training.
The majority of school-leavers do go further in their studies and have a better chance of building a career and finding financial independence. Too many boys in the past were sent out to coolie (manual) labour for pitifully small wages and were then trapped in poverty; too many girls were married too young and had no skill-training to prosper. Young men and women, the latter now fully equal in numbers, now have a brighter future. Near the village is the town of Vallioor, a busy industrial centre of 40,000 people. Its name comes from the goddess Valli, consort of Lord Murugan, the God of the Tamils who embodies the spirit of war and victory. There are many colleges and institutes in the area, and nearby in the larger centres of Nagercoil and Tirunelveli, for training in IT (computer), engineering, nursing, electronics, fitting and welding, etc, while other students go further afield into banking, law, catering and medicine.
Tamil Nadu is changing fast. There is great wealth and yet still great poverty, often in close proximity. There is still a place for us, a small charity, as well as the other charities in the area, to make a difference to what would otherwise be very limited lives. We feel our project is in the good hands of our partner charity Grail Trust India whose trustees and staff know their district and the children personally, and who are in regular touch with the British trustees. An annual visit is made from the UK; a report on the Chairman`s latest visit in May 2013 can be seen. Our project is fully ecumenical. It had a Christian foundation and from the start has been fully open to all; reflecting the population of the area, our children are 70% Hindu and 30% Christian and inter-faith cooperation has always been very good.We have now (2015) taken on a few Muslim children as well.

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